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Which that the following varieties of papers do team Policy tools access from a main Store by default?

A. ADM files

B. ADMX files

C. Group Policy Objects

D. Defense templates

B. Team Policy tools look for XML-based governmental template (ADMX) papers in the main Store by default

Which of the adhering to local GPOs bring away precedence ~ above a mechanism with multiple neighborhood GPOs?

A. Local group Policy

B. Administrators team Policy

C. Non-Administrators team Policy

D. User-specific group Policy

Which of the complying with techniques deserve to be used to apply GPO settings to a specific group of individuals in one OU?

A. GPO linking

B. Administrative templates

C. Defense filtering

D. Starter GPOs

C. Defense filtering is a team Policy function that allows you come restrict the circulation of group Policy settings to particular users and groups in ~ an ad DS container

Which that the complying with statements finest describes the duty of a starter GPO?

A. A starter GPO functions as a layout for the development of new GPOs

B. A starter GPO is the very first GPO applied by all active Directory clients

C. A starter GPO uses a simplified user interface for primary school users

D. A starter GPO includes all the settings found in the default Domain plan GPO

A. Starter GPOs space templates the you deserve to use to produce multiple GPOs with the same set of baseline bureaucratic Templates settings

When you use a GPO with the value of no Configured for a particular setup to a mechanism on which that same setup is disabled, what is the result?

A. The setup remains disabled

B. The setting is readjusted to not Configured

C. The setting is adjusted to Enabled

D. The setup generates a problem error

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