We define what a source word is and also how prefixes and also suffixes can be added to root words to turn them right into words with different meanings.

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A root word is a an easy word with noprefix or suffix added to it (aprefix is a wire of letters that walk at the begin of a word; a suffix is a wire of letter that go at the finish of a word). By adding prefixes and also suffixes come a root word us can readjust its meaning.The suffixes -er and -est are likewise used to type the comparative and also superlative of adjective (for example, light / lighter / lightest).


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because that example:The root word astro could have the suffix -nomy included to it to make the word astronomy.'Astro' means 'stars' and also 'nomy' method the study of something. Astronomy is the study and also knowledge that stars.The root word lingual could have the prefix bi- added to it to make words bilingual.'Bi' means two and 'lingual' way pertaining to language. Someone that is bilingual is fluent in 2 languages.
Some source words have the right to have both prefixes and also suffixes attached to them to revolve them into words with different meanings:
Root wordWith a prefix addedWith a suffix added
normalabnormalnormality, normalise
educationco-educationeducational, educationally
legalillegallegalise, legality
behavemisbehavebehaviour, behaved
fictionnon-fictionfictional, fictionally
happyunhappyhappier, happily

Children discover a variety of words through suffixes and also prefixes throughout their time at primary school, usually beginning in Year 2 and also Year 3.Often, kids will be offered a perform of order to learn at home that all have actually the very same suffix, or all have actually the exact same prefix.It is a good idea because that them come be conscious of root words, as finding out one root word (for example: education), will certainly then aid them come spell various other words containing that word such as co-education and also educational.Learning root words, suffixes and prefixes also helps children to know words better, together they start to see links between different words and also identify word families.

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