The success of an organization depends not only upon the right leaders but also upon the appropriate members that the staff. Unfortunately, the clerical employee is not only ignored for their jobs yet are payment low. Many organization experience for efficiency and also performance problems in the office staff.  Some supervisors think the a clerical test for clerical aptitude plays a vital role in screening and selection of the clerks. 

If you are intended to walk for such a job, you have to not ignore entry level aptitude tests. They measure your skills required for clerical and administrative positions.

A test for clerical tasks is consisted of of plenty of sub-tests including Verbal reasoning Test, Numerical capacity Test, Clerical and also Spelling checking, etc. The analysis for clerical jobs may additionally include one optional, on-screen typing test and can be combined with your Personality Profile for the position of a secretary.

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Sub-Tests in a clerical test

A test because that clerical tasks for aptitude includes the complying with sub-sections:

Verbal reasoning Test

This ar of the test for clerical jobs measures your ability in simple vocabulary, verbal fluency and reasoning by using words. This check is appropriate for every clerical and also administrative tasks that need a simple level of verbal ability.

Clerical practice Question

Which among the 5 makes the ideal comparison? Tree is come shade as chimney is to:

(a) acting

(b) fireplace

(c) brick

(d) sky



Numerical capacity Test

This ar of the test because that clerical jobs measures your capability to use numbers in clerical and also administrative contexts. You are required to display your smartness in utilizing numbers in operations favor calculating the bills, regulating travel expenses, finding out the unit pricing of items etc. That is equally beneficial for assessing existing and prospective clerical staff.

Numerical capability Practice Question

20 papers expense hundred dollars. Ten files are provided to make a file. Just how much does a file cost?

a) $ 50

b) $ 10

c) $ 20

d) $ 40


$ 50

Numerical reasoning Question

What is the next number in the adhering to series?

16 - 11 - 13 - 8 - 10 - 5 - 7 -

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5



Clerical Checking

Your ability to examine data quickly and also accurately is necessary for most of the clerical positions. This component of the test because that clerical jobs checks your capability for smart and efficient proof analysis of the verbal and numerical information. For example a perform of names, addresses, code numbers and also telephone number etc. Room given and also you are compelled to discover a target against the list.

Spelling Ability

The test for clerical jobs has this ar to measure up your capability to order correctly. You are provided a pair of sentences or a paragraph with some wrong spellings. Girlfriend are forced to discover the not correct spelling and also spell that correctly. Because that example, in countries like Germany and Japan, where mobile penetration is highest, most message saying it s okay done in varnacular.

Which word is misspelled in the above given paragraph?


varnacular need to be vernacular



If girlfriend rearrange the letters "ANICH", friend would have actually the name of a/an:

a) Country

b) Ocean

c) State

d) City

e) Animal


China - Country


The inputting test check your typing speed and identifies the number and nature that errors made.


The filing test for clerical jobs assesses your capacity to classify name quickly and accurately right into an existing electronic alphabetical filing system.


This component of the test for clerical work measures your capability to take care of some the the materials and also problems with which an knowledgeable bookkeeper deals.

Manual Dexterity

This ar of the test for clerical tasks measures coordination of your eyes and hand. You require to build an aptitude for fine and gross muscle control.

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Receptionist skills

The clerical testing consists of this ar to measure your capacity to deal with situations that confront a receptionist consisting of telephone etiquette.

Thinking Fast

The test because that clerical jobs consists of this sub-test to measure your ability to think of native rapidly: to create or talk without impede or searching for the appropriate word.

Speaking Skills

Clerical testing contains this sub-test to measure her level of capability to interact easily and also fluently with others.