emerson essentially believes the traveling is overrated. He support this perspective v an initial focus on "the idea" of locations like italy, england, and also egypt, and the fascinating of "educated americans" v them. He suggests that those locations only took on the grand, majestic ideas that castle represent due to the fact that "they that made england, italy, or greek venerable in the imagination did for this reason by sticking fast where they were, like an axis the the earth." yes, those locations are grand, but only since they so plainly represent the places that they are. The art and society of italy, england, and also egypt is authentic, and also therefore significant.

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Lizbeth7what go henry david thoreau think people must do as soon as they think a regulation is unfair? a. Do plans to relocate to another country with better lawsb. Compose a letter tod. Ignore it and also distance us from the government


Answer asap the prestige of gift earnest! 21. Identify and explain exactly how symbolism was used in the play. Respond in complete sentences.

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Wichita mourning david matherne pipeline organs—dusty and also tarnished— bellowed the old song, as movers brought the pews because that one critical time. Frozen branches—heavy v ice arms— 5 couldn’t carry out their dance, together workmen shuffled inside the worn-out floors. Sally richards—broken and mourning— watched while she father left, 10 as painters carried in their cans because that the first time. Stained-glass windows—buckled and broken— surveyed commotion’s cause as business won in the end 15 however one more time. Reverend richards—feeble and finished— cried together his departure was lost on christians that worshiped the dime; a change of the times. 20 which of these best summarizes the author"s layout in this poem? a) every of the five stanzas consists of internal rhyme and also consistent rhythm. B) each of the 5 stanzas includes an finish rhyme relenten a various character. C) every of the 5 stanzas has assonance followed by a dash, then a description of the old church. D) each of the 5 stanzas introduce a character adhered to by a dash, then a description of that character. 3) in the first line of every stanza, the author follows the sample of a noun complied with by a pair of adjectives. What is the purpose of this pattern? a) the author hopes to create a peaceful feeling for the readers. B) the object and its adjective are provided to develop a sense of progress. C) the author uses the sample to produce vivid images in the reader"s mind. D) the writer uses the sample of man and nature to show the affect of this event.