The Tiber River is just one of Italy’s longest rivers, and also runs ideal through Rome. In roman times, it to be the main source of fresh water because that the population, and it tho remains important to this day.

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Nowadays but the riverbanks in the city of Rome are more a ar for Instagram photos, than for washing her clothes, especially from one of its countless picturesque bridges. Skirting past the Trastevere ar this is important a river the runs through Rome in every senses.

The Tiber River features heavily in the story of the background of Rome. Rumour has it the it remained in the waves of the flow Tiber that Romulus and Remus were nearly drowned. Instead, they go on come apparently uncovered the city of Rome.

This flow was an essential to Rome’s development, together it allowed materials, supplies and also people to move easily in between locations. The flow Tiber fed the underground sewer system, known as the Cloaca Maxima, continually v fresh water.

Nowadays the flow is much shallower and the key maritime task of Rome is performed from Fiumicino.

Oh, and a tiny bit about the name. Legend has actually it the the flow gets its name from the drown of KingTiberinus over three thousand years ago, back historians think it probably originates from the old Etruscan language.

Beginning in the Apennine Mountains the river flows down through Tuscany and Umbria, prior to entering the Lazio an ar in i beg your pardon Rome is located. Extending 406kms, it join the Tyrrhenian Sea at Ostia. Girlfriend can check out the path of this famous Roman flow by looking in ~ this Tiber flow map.

It is clear the this river in Rome, Italy is important to Romans because of its history and the role it play in the establishing of the city. Central to trade and transportation, the negotiation of Rome prospered from strength to strength.

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This vital contribution to what Rome is this particular day has gotten in the mean Roman’s psyche, and also you deserve to see the river depicted in arts in museums throughout the city. The Tiber river map often functions on paints throughout the city. No to cite in the history books!


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