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Brambleclaw hidden his nose into a death-cold mass of ginger fur. Squirrelflight, his recently appointed deputy, stood beside him with her face hidden in the lump form of she father"s body, their pelts close enough to brush every now and also then. Sandstorm and Leafpool were on the opposite next of the 2 cats, their faces likewise buried in the ginger pelt.

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He feeling a tail flick his shoulder and also looked up to meet the extreme blind blue stare of Jayfeather. "It"s time come go," the medication cat whispered.

The dark brown tabby small his eyes in man then winced. He to be going to gain his nine lives from StarClan due to the fact that he was now the leader of ThunderClan. He turned come the dark ginger she-cat. "Watch end the camp." She nodded and licked his ear.

He purred, then complied with Jayfeather v the currently damaged entrance and acknowledged every the encouraging words native his Clanmates as they passed. As they padded through the forest, Brambleclaw virtually retched in ~ the stench of blood the still laid special in the air. He also noticed the blood stains the littered the forest floor. The locations where the grass was flattened and also torn up, proof of where cats had fought. It"ll take ages for the forest to heal, the huge tom thought.

Brambleclaw"s muscle ached as soon as the two toms got to the vast pool. The quarter moon shone through the cave"s roof opening making the water shine and sparkle. Jayfeather pointed come the water through his nose. "Drink the water." he instructed. The other tom dipped his head to lap up several of the water. It tasted of wet stone, sharp and cold. Climate he rest his head top top his paws and closed his eyes.

The dark brown tabby tom opened up his amber eye to a vast, lush, environment-friendly clearing. It was dotted through trees filled through leaves, and also a greenleaf breeze ruffled his fur. The tabby tom looked up, the stars twinkled even brighter in StarClan. Together if top top cue, the stars clustered together then swirled under onto the clearing. Brambleclaw"s eyes widened when he observed the mass of star-freckled cats.

"Welcome, Brambleclaw." they murmured together one.

"Greetings," he greeted the StarClan cats. His chest ached when he known the nine cat that padded closer come him.

His amber eyes filled through sadness as soon as a golden tabby she-cat came up to brush muzzles through her son. "Mother…"

She didn"t let him continue. "With this life, I offer you love. Indigenous the most an elderly elder to a newborn kit, for currently they room all her kin." She pressed her sleep to his. The pain surprised Brambleclaw. The felt the ferocity the a mother"s love and also rage when her kits were threatened. The dug his claws into the soil and clenched his this to keep from crying out in pain. Prior to Goldenflower go back, she whispered, "I to be so proud that you, my son. And also why don"t you use this life because that a specific ginger she-cat?"

The dark purred just to have actually it catch in his throat once he observed the following cat. A gray-speckled tom. "Ashfur," Brambleclaw nodded respectfully.

"Brambleclaw," Ashfur nodded curtly. Together he pressed his sleep to the other"s forehead, he continued, "With this life, I provide you same justice. I was provided unfair justice. Usage it well." The pain was just as intense as before. Brambleclaw gasped together the pain fight him. That felt Ashfur"s pain and also rage as if it to be his own. He yes, really loved her, the dark brown tabby assumed guiltily as the gray tom joined his Clanmates.

His heart wrenched when he witnessed the following cat. A light brown tabby she-cat through bright blue eyes. "Honeyfern…" the nodded come the she-cat.

Honeyfern nodded. "With this life, I offer you trust. For this reason you might put all your trust in her Clanmates and your ancestors. You are not in this alone, Brambleclaw." She meowed as she touched her nose to his.

A warm feeling unfolded inside Brambleclaw. He purred together she traction away. "Thank you, Honeyfern. You conserved Briarlight."

"It to be my pleasure." She purred then padded back to her Clanmates. However you payment the can be fried price in act so, the dark brown tabby assumed sadly.

His throat swelled through emotion when a black color she-cat approached him. The tom nuzzled the she-cat"s cheek and she purred. "I"m therefore proud that you, Brambleclaw."

He purred as well. "I miss you, Hollyleaf."

"As carry out I." Hollyleaf meowed. Pushing her sleep to his, she continued, "With this life, I provide you forgiveness. I recognize how tough it is come forgive." her sharp eco-friendly eyes drifted to Ashfur. A heat feeling spread through Brambleclaw. That gasped as soon as a burn sensation followed. He started to tremble as soon as his embraced daughter traction back. "I will be forever grateful that you elevated me and also my brothers. Tell them i love and also miss them and also I will always look after ~ them."

"I will," Brambleclaw promised. You space the best daughter any type of cat might ask for, Hollyleaf, he assumed as she padded over to sit next to Ashfur.

Brambleclaw"s heart tugged once when the next cat replaced Hollyleaf. A powerful white tom. "Whitestorm."

The enlarge tom purred. "Brambleclaw," Whitestorm inserted his muzzle in between the tabby"s ears. "With this life, I give you courage. So, you might lead ThunderClan v dark times." A jolt of power shot with Brambleclaw. That felt like he could challenge anything that threatened his Clan. "Thank you for avenging me." the murmured.

"You"re welcome." Brambleclaw responded softly.

Whitestorm was replaced by a beautiful silver-gray tabby she-cat. "Feathertail!" he pressed his sleep to hers.

Feathertail purred. "Good to check out you again, Brambleclaw." the agreed. "With this life, I provide you compassion. For this reason you may be a an extremely caring in the direction of all cats. Also to those external of the Clans."

He feel a heat sensation unfold within him and also purred. "Goodbye, Feathertail."

"Goodbye, Brambleclaw." Feathertail meowed softly climate she padded away.

His love sank when he observed the following cat. Bluestar. The old ThunderClan leader looked in ~ Brambleclaw with warmth in she ice-blue eyes. "Hello, Brambleclaw."

"Greetings, Bluestar." the dipped his head.

The blue-gray she-cat purred. "No require for that anymore. We are equals." The dark brown tabby tom blinked in surprise. Bluestar simply shook she head climate pressed her sleep to his forehead. "With this life, I offer you nobility. So, you may lead ThunderClan v head and also tail held high. Make certain nothing falters that."

The ache surprised Brambleclaw. The powerful tom clenched his teeth. Once the ache faded, he meowed. "Thank friend for saving ThunderClan."

She looked at him over her shoulder. "There is no many thanks needed." climate she padded away to she family.

The following cat resulted in Brambleclaw"s chest swell. A dark ginger tom through bright blue eyes. "Flametail…"

Flametail shook his head. "With this life, I offer you tireless energy. You"ll absolutely need it!" that meowed as he pressed his nose to Brambleclaw"s. When again, energy shot v the tom. He felt as if he might run v all the four Clans" territories and never obtain tired.

As the former medicine cat traction away, the older tom whispered, "I"m for this reason sorry, Flametail. Jayfeather worn down to conserve you."

Flametail purred. "I recognize that, Brambleclaw." The dark ginger tom padded back to his Clanmates.

The critical cat to method Brambleclaw made him choke down a sob. "Firestar!" The dark tabby exclaimed, poignant noses.

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Firestar purred. "Brambleclaw, i am for this reason proud that you. I will admit I had actually my suspicions together every cat did once you and Tawnypelt were born, however once you began to grow up I saw you to be nothing prefer your father," the fiery tom placed his muzzle on peak of Brambleclaw"s head. "With this life, I give you peace. Although there will be fights, and you will have to fight them. Not all fights need to be fought." A tenderness unfolded inside that Brambleclaw and also he purred.

The ahead ThunderClan leader continued. "I hail friend by your new name, Bramblestar. Your old life is no more. You have actually received the nine lives of a leader, and also StarClan sponsor you guardianship that ThunderClan. Defend it will; treatment for young and old; honor your ancestors and also the legacies of the warrior code; live every life v pride and dignity."

The newly named leader lifted his head together the StarClan cats called his name. "Bramblestar! Bramblestar! Bramblestar! Bramblestar!"

Bramblestar wake up up next to Moonpool. Jayfeather was sitting next to the new leader. The flicked one ear together the enlarge tom stirred. "Ready come go, Bramblestar?"

The dark tom driven himself come his paws and flexed his claws. "I"m much more than ready.”


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