Linda Blair is one actor who is best known because that her role as the possessed teen in The Exorcist in 1973. Rick Springfield is an actor and also musician that is best known for his function on General Hospital and also his hit song “Jessie’s Girl.”

What pan of this celebrities might not know is the they dated each various other in the mid-1970s as soon as Springfield to be 25 and also Blair was just 15.

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Linda Blair, 1974 | R. Brigden/Getty Images

The two met at the Whiskey a go Go in Hollywood throughout a musical performance and also spent the night going come clubs and also getting to recognize each other. They date from 1974 come 1976, greatly under the radar native celebrity gossip publications.

They to be able to carry out this due to the fact that they retained their professional lives separate and because Blair’s mother delighted in having Springfield a component of their family.

Although there was a 10-year period gap, Blair’s mom approved the the relationship

Even in the 1970s, having actually a 10-year period gap in a relationship as soon as one party is underage to be not seen as a classic relationship. The biggest reason the Blair and Springfield to be able to have a relationship is that her mom loved Springfield and also considered the “part of our family.”

Blair and Springfield likewise made a allude to save the condition of their partnership as quiet together they can at the time. Keeping their different public stays was vital to do their connection work. That is why the couple never made the headlines the gossip magazines.

According to Blair, that was essential for castle to save their relationship sacred, and also for a time, it did work. In one interview v Studio 10 she said:

“We did shot to store it all an extremely sacred and I think we did a great job due to the fact that it’s something that really didn’t ever hit headlines.”

Blair and also Springfield eventually dubbed it quits

Havin’ fun with Sammy and also Beach Bar Rum! #BeachBarRum

— rick Springfield (

The couple called that quits after about two years because of the combination of both being in the spotlight and because that the perception of their age difference. Both go on come do attain many professional achievements.

Blair continued her exhilaration career, acquisition on a wide selection of roles from drama to comedy. Springfield continued with his music and took ~ above a few acting roles, his best-known duty being boy name Drake top top General Hospital. Because of your love for animals and their mission come help, they have actually remained friends over the years and also have worked to help where lock can.

The former pair recently teamed up in sustaining Blair’s charity, Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation. They have offered exclusive merchandise to assist support the mission that caring for abused and neglected animals, i m sorry is Blair’s passion, and she has offered her time and also money come the cause over the years.

The two went ~ above to have relationships with other celebrities

rickspringfield say thanks to you for always supporting the LBWF rescued dogs and to Rick's fans, give thanks to you because that donating to LBWF in respect of Rick's birthday. We room so grateful to friend all! ❤

— Linda Blair (

After Blair and Springfield split, Blair go on to have a number of relationships, mainly with musicians. She was known to have dated the bassist from Deep Purple, valley Hughes. Between 1979 and 1981 she remained in a partnership with Tommy Shaw, the guitarist indigenous Styx.

She was likewise romantically linked with Jim Dandy Mangrum and actor wings Hauser. Blair was also the motivation for the rick James’ track “Cold Blooded” after ~ she date the singer for 2 years. Blair has actually never to be married.

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Springfield has actually been married to his wife Barbara Porter since 1984. The two met as soon as Springfield to be recording his album Working class Dog and Porter was functioning as a receptionist in ~ the record studio. With each other they have actually two children.

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