I think it’s for sure to say that Lisa page Brooks has make her note in the Gospel sector that is undeniably unforgettable. I would even go as much to say that she’s a legend. (Am i making it sound like she’s dead?? she NOT! Lol) Nervous, excited, anxious and a couple of butterflies was every little thing I was feeling as I all set for this interview. Lisa’s extremely anticipated, long over due, new solo relax “Stronger,” access time stores all over October 20, 2009. As soon as I heard the brand-new album was on the way, ns made the a top priority to sit down through the mrs I flourished up hearne to and also have admired from her days v the pioneering contemporary Gospel team Witness.

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Let’s go back to the days of Witness…how old were you once you joined the group?

We began in 1986 and I was just 23 year old. My husband Michael Brooks actually started Witness for his sister Tina. He had the idea of placing together a female variation of Commissioned. One day I acquired a phone call from a friend and he wanted me come come and also sit in on one of the group’s rehearsals. I showed up and the remainder is history.

Did the group constantly plan to go after a document deal?

Knowing mine husband, ns think that knew Commissioned would open up the door because that us. I’m certain he wanted to take united state to the next level. We acquired our an initial record deal over the phone and also everything happened very quickly.

The album “We deserve to Make a Difference” really placed the team on the map. Was the the group’s an initial album?

“We deserve to Make a Difference” was in reality our third project. “Keep Lookin Up” to be our an initial CD and the second was “I’ve Come also Far.” When “We deserve to Make a Difference” come out we were signed to“Polygram,” which to be a major label at the time and they placed a lot of dollars behind us. Us did rather a few things and also the push was even greater.

Were girlfriend still working a consistent job in ~ this time?

Yes, i was functioning in a grocery store. It to be funny due to the fact that one day together I was scanning groceries and also a phone call came in because that me. It to be our management and also they said, “You men are paris to new York to shoot a video.” that was accurate my critical day the scanning groceries.

How to be it being in a group with ladies that you yes, really didn’t recognize that well?

It was not all good all the time. I’d it is in lying if I stated it was. I knew Tina, who is currently my sister-in-law, yet I didn’t know the other two girls. We had to learn one another, however you spend so lot time top top the roadway together you are sort of compelled to obtain to recognize each other. You have various personalities comes together, but we knew we had actually a purpose and we want to act Christian in the direction of each other. We constantly had prayer once a week, so we can come together and just interact with every other. The wasn’t always easy, yet we had actually to make sure we kept whatever in heat of what God wanted us to do. It’s to be twenty plus years, so over there were absolutely times as soon as Michael had actually to it is in the referee.

Was that hard dealing with the various member changes?

Yeah, it could be difficult at times. Our first two members left due to the fact that they want to go on and also pursue their solo ministries. Ns think they thought they may have actually been far better on their own. However you need to understand that this is a business. Ns don’t suggest you the pat the game, yet you have to understand what whatever is every about. There to be times once some felt favor they to be entitled to something the they yes, really weren’t. If you’re promoting a brand-new project you will be away from her family and also traveling a lot. Now, you might not be bringing home a check all the time and also if friend don’t recognize that, then you will certainly feel cheated. But, once you understand the business and also realize you have to do some things to advancement your career, climate you’re far better equipped to understand why things room happening the means they are. I recognize I was placed on this earth to sing. That is God’s objective for me. Once you recognize that, every little thing else is secondary. Of course you will do it be concerned, but you i will not ~ worry around trivial things because you understand God will open the door.

How walk Michael Brooks walk from being your ceo to being her husband?

We were constantly friends. Ns can’t really tell you when it blossomed. We will celebrate 13 year in January. What really stood out to me is that he really loves God and is simply a pretty person. I needed that at the time and it just came together. Now we space pastoring and also impacting people’s stays together and I’m just so thankful come God because that Michael. If friend are ever before in Detroit, come by “Restoration Fellowship Church International.”

Did that cause any jealousy and dissension in the team after you and also Michael got together?

I wanted to do the girls understand that ns was still Lisa and also nothing had actually changed. Ns felt it to be my duty to do them feeling comfortable.

Do you ever before feel like Witness ever before got the recognition they really deserved?

On the organic side, there space some places and also things the Witness should have done that the brand didn’t do to market us. However God has displayed us so much favor too! on the spiritual side, ns still get calls and letters from people telling me just how much ours music has urged them and also brought them through daunting struggles. My take it is, you never ever arrive or plateau, because it’s not around us. As long as we continue to touch lives, ours purpose never stops. Sure, few of the labels could have done an ext to benefit us, yet we were nominated for a Grammy twice, so that’s nothing come look down on.

How come witness never functioned with any type of different producers?

If it ain’t broke, don’t solve it. Everybody has actually their camp. I likewise think some civilization are intimidated by mine husband’s success. They speak they will send music come submit because that the projects, but then it never comes! the was never the plan to just work through Michael, however that’s exactly how it has operated out.

What make you go solo?

I to be pushed into my very first solo project. The agency kept bugging my husband and me around doing a solo CD. Ns was like, “who wants to hear me for 12 songs??” ns didn’t think i was ready either. I loved singing with Witness and I to be comfortable through that. Slowly as time go on I started to adopt the idea and also now I’m thankful for mine solo projects.

Tell me about your new project “Stronger.”

I to be so excited around my new project. It will be exit October 20th, so ns encourage anyone to go out and also get it! If I had to define this CD, I would certainly say it’s an extremely versatile and also traditional. We experimented with a many of different sounds and also I simply can’t wait for everyone to listen what i have been working on. It’s still Lisa page Brooks. You’re constantly going to acquire that. However I think there is something on the CD because that everyone.

Do you ever before go earlier and hear to her older music?

Every blue moon okay go back and hear to one of my CD’s or okay be with someone and they’ll put some of mine music on. Mine husband is an remarkable songwriter, so sometimes I’ll go ago to listen to the lyrics due to the fact that they yes, really minister come me. Occasionally I tease mine husband and also say, “Am i really married come Michael Brooks that Commissioned.

Is over there going to be one more Witness album?

Yes there is. We are going to execute a live album, therefore that have to be fun. I’m likewise writing a book about my life that i am really excited about. Hope that will be the end sometime following year.

What is the most difficult part around the Gospel industry?

The most complicated part is a toss up between going out and also pouring into people and also walking in integrity. We have a duty to be examples of what we song about. We just have to stay in oh my gosh favor. As artists, as soon as God opens doors for united state we have a responsibility to it is in a living example. Something around us need to be different as we minister to people. Ns all about shopping and also looking an excellent and showmanship, yet at the same time there needs to be some red lights. I’m a minister. I have to shot not to conform to your lifestyle, but come to you and also expose who I am and whose i am.


Lisa web page Brooks’ 20 arbitrarily Truths

Favorite Movie? “The Untouchables.”Favorite restaurant? “J. Alexander’s.”Last book you’ve read? “Understand the Purpose and Power of Prayer” by Myles Monroe.Who’s a better driver you or your husband? i am!Where did Michael suggest to you? A jewel store.What sort of toothpaste perform you use? Colgate v mint strips.Dog or cats? Dog.Favorite candy bar? Hershey w/ almonds.Favorite witness album? “Love is an action Word.”Favorite cartoon? “The Jetsons.”Cosby Show, new Prince that Bel Air, great Times or The Jeffersons? “The Cosby Show.”J. Moss, Marvin Sapp, Daryl Coley or john P. Kee? Daryl Coley.Favorite Christmas song? “The Christmas Song.”Can you readjust a tire? No, i don’t think so.Which one of your children is most like you? Tia. My middle child.One artist you want to perform a duet with? Phil Collins.Dorinda Clark Cole, CeCe Winans, Vickie Winans or Vanessa Bell Armstrong? CeCe Winans.Guilty pleasure? Shopping because that shoes.

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The View, Oprah or Dr. Phil? “The View.”Favorite bible verse? 2 Corinthians 2:14.