Today, Heineken launched the 3rd commercial in their global marketing campaign “There’s an ext behind the star”, dispersing holiday cheer in a hilarious method with spokesperson and world-renowned gibbs Benicio Del Toro. Very first premiering during The go Dead on AMC and also just in time for the holiday season, the commercial invites viewers to discover the authentic heritage and background of one iconic, family-owned brand by taking an ethical look in ~ the age-old tradition of gift giving.

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In the spot, Del Toro finds himself in conspicuous cases that pressure him to showcase his variety of acting an abilities as he opens distinctive gifts native his household – native an ugly pullover to an electrical mixer – no one of which can stand as much as the gift of an ice-cold Heineken.

“Heineken has been family-owned due to the fact that 1873 therefore celebrating family traditions, especially approximately the holiday, is core to ours culture. With this commercial, our family invites your to take a moment, have actually a laugh, and enjoy Heineken with your loved ones this season.” – Ralph Rijks, evil President, Heineken


As a cheers native the Heineken family to yours, over there will likewise be a series of consumer promotions launching to coincide with the campaign. Travellers to the Heineken website will have the ability to send your friends, family and co-workers comical vacation e-cards, entering lock to win a $100 Uber gift card, or can simply download a Heineken vacation promotional offer. Further, in partnership through Shazam, one of the world’s most well-known apps with more than one billion downloads, consumers space invited come scan their Heineken vacation packs to seamlessly get in a retail endure that offers endless holiday savings because that family and friends.

Debuting in February 2016, the “There’s much more behind the star” project launched in 70+ markets worldwide in both English and also Spanish and also focuses squarely on the beer, the brand’s wealthy heritage and Heineken’s unparalleled worldwide footprint. The commercials were created by Publicis worldwide and filmed in a variety of places in Barcelona.

In the 142 years because its birth, Heineken has actually grown native a small, Amsterdam-based operation into producers the the world most international premium lager. The is obtainable in 192 countries and the Heineken family members still maintains a controlling interest. Together the agency has grown, the focus on quality and also taste has actually never wavered, ensuring continual excellence and continuity experienced all over the world.

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