New spot provides custom-made anthem by Grammy-nominee Jessie Reyez and also features actress Camila Mendes, Olympic gold Medalist Swin Cash and others


CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On Sunday night, secret Deodorant is debuting its newest campaign starring a diverse celebrity line-up of women throughout entertainment, sports, business and also fitness. This campaign gives much-needed air-time to the an individual stories of contemporary women that are an overwhelming the condition quo in their respective fields.

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With the release of that “All Strength, No Sweat” campaign, mystery Deodorant, a brand cursed to steering actions in assistance of same representation, equal compensation and also equal possibility for every women, is as soon as again shining a spotlight ~ above inspirational females who are pursuing your passions there is no “sweating” the obstacles in their paths. The campaign video, which will certainly air nationally through 2020, features a track written and performed through singer/songwriter and Grammy-nominee Jessie Reyez, who stars in the video. Likewise featured in ~ the campaign are actress Camila Mendes, Olympic gold Medalist Swin Cash, actress and entrepreneur Shenae Grimes-Beech and also fitness mega-influencer Ainsley Rodriguez.

The text were motivated by the brand’s original “All Strength, No Sweat” communication from February 2019 and also serve as a rallying cry for ladies of all kinds, encouraging them to take pride in their power, your attitude and also their ideal to claim what they worthy in life – whether it is fighting for a seat at the table, in the boardroom, or acting together a positive example to ladies in Hollywood.

“Secret has actually a background of supporting women’s progress and telling stories of women’s strength, i m sorry is something that ns feel same passionate about,” claimed Jessie Reyez. “As a woman in the music industry, I’ve competent firsthand how difficult it can be to do headway in together a male-dominated field. Ns honored to it is in a part of this campaign and also share Secret’s score of equalizing opportunity for females everywhere. I hope our stories attach with various other women the end there and we can continue to inspire and lift up one another.”

Secret is publication a series of shorts featuring the unique perspectives and an individual stories of each of the five women appearing in the campaign, including:

Jessie Reyez
: This Grammy-nominated Canadian/Colombian singer and also songwriter has come to be a powerful role version for ladies in music. Reyez it s okay candid about the challenges she has faced in the music industry, revealing a very personal story from she past.Swin Cash: having actually made the leap native WNBA player and Olympic gold medalist come bona fide businesswoman, Cash – right now the VP of Basketball Operations and also Team breakthrough for the brand-new Orleans Pelicans – speaks out about equal representation for women, in sports and also in life.Shenae Grimes-Beech: A mother, actress, content-creator and also self-proclaimed “queen of keeping it real,” Grimes-Beech expose her own “unfiltered” experiences in motherhood, help to display other women that they space not alone in navigating the unknown.Ainsley Rodriguez: This fitness guru indigenous Miami, who’s amassed virtually two million pendant on Instagram v sharing her workouts, nutrition tips and also her followers’ human body transformations, to trust the most powerful muscle you can train is her mind, and that from there, results follow. Rodriguez shares with mystery her commitment to helping women stay strong mentally and physically with life’s challenges, large and small.

“We’re therefore proud to it is in working through such a varied group of inspiring women, all of whom were favored for your unwavering strength and relentless approach to acquiring what they want from life,” claimed Sara Saunders, associate Brand Director, Secret. “We listen from significant women every day – around their concerns, your ambitions, and about their work to earn your fair share at every stage and place in life. Our expect is the by spotlighting a couple of of these stories, us can continue to accumulate strength and unity in do a real adjust together.”

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About Secret

Secret to be the first antiperspirant brand designed especially for women, and also for the past 60 years, mystery has to be on the forefront of women’s lives, top with development designed to carry out superior odor and wetness protection. V the years, the brand has actually proudly sustained women’s advancement and equality through its campaigns and communications. Its recent campaign, “All Strength, No Sweat,” is a extension of this commitment to women, celebrating those that boldly an obstacle the status quo, press through barriers and stand up for what they believe in, without “sweating” the obstacles that may come their way. An enig challenges women almost everywhere to be every strength, no sweat.