The singer and actress stars in a TV ad for the luxury auto maker, if the film"s Billy Porter will unveil a glittering orange-and-gold tradition Maybach.

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“It was among the many fun experience of my life. Farming up ns was always a huge princess fan. Ns love that this version is funny and also empowered.” singer and also actress Camila Cabello speak THR in an exclusive interview around what the was like to step into the iconic function of Cinderella, which will be exit on Amazon Prime video clip on September 3.

While Cinderella may have actually started off initially as a Sony release, choose a the majority of the brand-new normal that pandemic business, the film made the switch end to Amazon Prime video and as component of the film’s marketing, Mercedes-Benz has joined forces with the streamer to launch a multi-tiered project that celebrates solid individuals and also promotes mrs empowerment.

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The campaign features a TV commercial for the movie featuring Cabello, Cinderella director and also writer Kay Cannon and also producer Shannon McIntosh. That goes live digitally Aug. 2.

In the ad, titled “Rewrite the Story,” the trio repeat lines regularly used to try to diminish and also control women: “Just play your role.” Don’t it is in so dramatic.” “Be the perfect princess.” “Don’t it is in so bossy.” in ~ one point, a camera mrs says, “Honey, you’re prettier as soon as you smile.”

The coda to the spot shows Cabello walking towards a G-Wagon saying, “It’s time because that a brand-new story, the one we write.” together Cabello tells THR, “I love this article of empowerment. Ns think an ext and much more women room writing the stare of what women have the right to do. We space powerful, fearless, smart and can perform anything.” Mercedes-Benz worked with the agency, Merkley + partner on the ad, i m sorry is directed by Rachel McDonald that Biscuit Filmworks and also will run on network and cable channels start Aug. 23.

Billy Porter — that plays Fab G, a modern-day twist ~ above the fairy godmother, in Cinderella — is also part of the campaign, working through Mercedes-Benz on making a custom Mercedes-Maybach S560 in orange and also gold glitter referred to as the “chariot,” which is motivated by Cinderella and also his Fabulous Godmother character. Sporting a customized sparkling wrap and also featuring massage chairs, it will certainly be revealed in a video clip on Aug. 2 as well.


Ukonwa Ojo, CMO the Amazon prime Video, states that developing partnerships through brands favor Mercedes-Benz is component of that strategy the treating films like Cinderella as major tentpoles ~ above the streamer.

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“We acquired the Cinderella movie from Sony and then we basically hit the soil running, transitioning the relationships and also the partnership from Sony to Amazon,” Ojo speak THR, “This is a shift for us and also we’ve been boosting the number of just these large tentpole movies that we bring to our members top top the service and also it’s to be so well received. Us look at the premieres like we would as a huge theatrical premiere. We present it as lot attention and love as if it was in theaters. We desire to make sure that every fan out there is open up to magic and also wants to it is in transported top top this important beautiful, miracle journey and also raise awareness to every one of our markets around the world. We’ve presented that us can deliver as huge of a scope and also scale — and also a lot of times a enlarge scope and also scale top top the Prime video clip service 보다 we would do if it was theatrical only.”

The marketing partnership through Mercedes-Benz extends beyond the television commercial into exclusive digital content as well as a live-stream fashion show, “Dressed because that a Dream” reserved for Aug. 28. It will be hosted by Porter, along with actress Jamie Chung. In addition, “Inside Ella’s Closet” will present a behind-the-scenes look at the costumes indigenous the film, showcasing Ellen Mirojnick, the film’s costume designer and also Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador. Mercedes-Benz likewise is announcing the both Cabello (who speak THR she owns a GLC300 coupe) and also Porter have become brand ambassadors because that the company.


“This is a film the we intend to have a really strong, multi-generational, multi-sectional, intersectional impact,” states Ojo. “The team has done a really great job at being an extremely strategic about how us reach various audiences through this 360 campaign and also the partnerships prefer we have with Mercedes are instances of just how we’re able come tap into brand-new audiences, so all the lovers of Mercedes room going to, friend know, skinny in a tiny bit harder 보다 they would certainly otherwise, right, due to the fact that they’re gonna watch a brand the they love, or an actor they love favor Billy Porter.”

Says Monique Harrison, head the brand because that Mercedes-Benz, “COVID made every one of us rethink just how things would certainly be launched and also I will certainly say we’re quite happy with the means that this transitioned. It was something that we were looking front to being in theaters, but it’s because it’s what us knew and it to be what was expected at the time. With everything starting to move towards streaming it made perfect feeling for united state to begin to relocate with it and also to launch this film v Sony and also now v Amazon Prime, in this streaming format. It’s the first for us but I don’t think it will be the last.”

The film does no feature any kind of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. “I actually favored that,” continues Harrison, “because it provides us an opportunity to showcase various vehicles exterior of the film — even if it is it’s Camila showcasing that from Cinderella’s perspective and also the power that that has actually or Billy having actually a bit much more fun with it and also bringing soon this Fab G personality in his Maybach. It’s a completely different take on vehicles and also how we carry those in. And also you’ll continue to view that together we continue the activation. A nice point you can do is incorporate a few cars in the film — which, who are we kidding, we’ll tho do later — yet this strategy gives united state a an ext well-rounded check out of exactly how to lug it all together.”