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Andy and also Rafe sang with each other on Broadway long before they knew each various other in Mayberry

The two sang a duet in a 1950s Broadway musical. Take it a listen.

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Can girlfriend imagine Sheriff Andy Taylor and also ol" Rafe Hollister with each other in the large Apple? A couple of Mayberry guys in brand-new York City? Shucks, it"s tough to believe. Yet it sure happened, the did.

Rafe Hollister is one of the colorful characters from The Andy Griffith Show who made a lasting impression in simply a couple of short appearances. Jack Prince illustrated the poor Mayberry moonshiner and farmer in three episodes between 1961–63. He wore overalls, however you most likely remember him more for his voice 보다 his wardrobe. In "Rafe Hollister Sings," the nation bumpkin reflects off his lovely to sing voice, accompanied by Andy top top guitar.


This was no the very first time Jack Prince and also Andy Griffith performed together. In fact, they were making music together prior to The Andy Griffith Show ever existed.

The so late 1950s to be a busy time for rising star Andy Griffith. After ~ the i can not qualify success the his comedy monologue "What the Was, to be Football," a spoken-word piece that cracked the optimal 10 ~ above the popular music charts, the phibìc Carolina native discovered himself in high demand. Griffith earn accolades ~ above Broadway for his occupational in the playNo Time for Sergeants, which resulted in a function in the 1958 movie adaptation of the exact same name. That performed cowboy comedy skits with a newcomer named Elvis Presley. He mirrors his dramatic chops in the evils-of-fame parableA face in the Crowd. Finally, at the nearby of the decade, Griffith returned to Broadway and landed the lead duty inDestry Rides Again.

Get this — Andy play a sheriff who doesn"t choose to usage a gun. Sound familiar? Sheriff Tom Destry had much in usual with Sheriff Andy Taylor. That might even be whereby he honed the character of a pacifist, folksy lawman, as he do 472 performances in the role. It would be Griffith"s only role in a Broadway musical.

When Destry come in the small town that Bottleneck, neighborhood folks are in disbelief that the sheriff doesn"t carry a gun. Destry describes his anti-gun policy to a guy named to wash in the tune "Ballad the the Gun."

Yes, the character surname Wash might bring to mind Dud to wash of Mayberry (who to be played by Bob Denver at one point). However here"s the real small-world connection to Mayberry — to wash was played by Jack Prince, a.k.a. Rafe Hollister!

Thankfully, the two videotaped their performance for the Destry Rides Again - Original cast Album, exit in 1959. Take it a listen.

Griffith earned a 2nd Tony nomination for his occupational in Destry Rides Again. Varietyhonored that in the group of best performance by a male lead in a musical. His celebrity to be growing, as documented by the special travellers he got backstage.

Ernest F. Hollings, branch of southern Carolina, popped in following a performance.

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Miss Tennessee, Mickey Wayland of Knoxville, was an additional guest from below the Mason-Dixon to visit Andy in new York.

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In a way, it was a small preview that Mayberry in Manhattan. Destry Rides Again closeup of the door on June 18, 1960. The Andy Griffith Show premiered four months later.


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