On September 19, 1970, The mary Tyler Moore Show debuted top top CBS. And it’s difficult to think that it without smiling and humming a small “Love Is every Around.” the ditty came to be 56 secs of TV layout song history and the deal of a lifetime for songwriter Sonny Curtis who wrote and also performed it.

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Curtis, who additionally penned such classics as “I combated the Law” and also was a member of friend Holly’s Crickets, called the Austin Chronicle:

“I had actually just to buy a home in L.A. And also I to be at home, simply sitting about pickin’ one morning. This girlfriend of mine, Doug Gilmore, who functioned for the Williams & Price agency, called me and also said, ‘They’re doing a sitcom v Mary Tyler Moore and they desire a design template song. Would you it is in interested?’ i said, ‘Ah, man, sure.’ the was about 11 a.m.

“At noon, during his lunch break, that dropped turn off a four-page layout that defined the show. That wasn’t a script, just a description. I’ve always thought the was kinda lucky, because they didn’t offer me a many information. It just said, ‘A girl from the Midwest moves to Minneapolis.’ She got jilted ns believe. ‘Gets a task at a newsroom, gets an apartment she has a hard time affording.’ friend know, the kinda stuff.

“So ns sat down and started thinkin’ about what come write. By around 2 p.m. I had one verse. I referred to as and also said, ‘Who perform I song this to?’ He sent out me end to Studio City—not far from mine house— to the CBS soundstage to watch James L. Brooks.

“There to be this large room that had no furniture in it. Us met in that room, and also he was fairly cold come me. He said, ‘I’ll listen to what you’ve got, however we’re not near this stage yet of picking a theme song.’ So ns said, ‘Well … okay.’

“He had actually a pair of stole chairs sent in. Ns sat down and also sang him the song, the one verse—which is every that’s on the show. (After I obtained the deal, i wrote an additional verse, lengthened it simply in instance for a record.) There was a phone sit on the floor, and he obtained on the wire and called somebody and said, ‘Come down and also listen to this.’

“Before ns left, I had sung it about 10 times and also the entirety room to be filled with world lined increase all around the walls. Then he sent out for a cassette recorder. He said, ‘I want to take it this track with me come Minneapolis.’ They to be going up the weekend to carry out the show’s titles. He said, ‘I want this tune with me.’

“By that point, i felt pretty good about it. And also it to be a one-day deal from start to finish.”

Thanks for one of our life’s the happiest soundtracks, Sonny!



Leon H. Says:

The original 1970 variation of “Love Is every Around” which was supplied on the an initial season of MTM was also released as a solitary with the second verse. The singles’ release had actually a fully different musical setup compared come the TV version. The 2nd verse that the lyrics from the 1970 variation was likewise used in the 2nd version of the tune in 1971.

The 2nd version that “Love Is all Around” to be released for the 2nd season of MTM. Over there is information (according to john Javna’s TV theme tune book) that there was also a single released for that version in 1974, but I have never come throughout that single.

“Love Is every Around” obtained an update on MTM because that the show’s critical season. The instrumentals and also vocals were different yet the lyrics stayed the same.

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The critical released single of “Love Is every Around” was released in 1980 and also this version was strictly country western, sounding nothing prefer the previous versions of the song.

When CBS exit the 20th Anniversary unique of MTM in 1990 the opening template of “Love Is every Around” has actually a slightly various musical arrangement. It sounds very similar to the 2nd to sixth season version, however it was never used top top the MTM show. Only fifty percent of the sung component of the song is provided cutting to critical pieces. Mine guess is that this variation of “Love Is every Around” is the 1974 solitary release that appears to be a rarity in locating. It would have been amazing if CBS hadn’t edited this version on the MTM Anniversary Special.

On YouTube over there is video clip of the 2nd version of “Love Is all Around” v the text deleted. This is no the 30 second version CBS used on part MTM episodes, quite it’s the complete 55 seconds with the lyrics gotten rid of for some kind of voice over’s in syndication. It’s amazing to hear the full instrumental affect of the song. The electronic strings, brass and percussion room all heard.