It to be like giving a manager the boots — or at the very least a gentle support — during a pennant-winning season.

Jeff Beal’s key title template for “Monk” won an Emmy following the show’s 2002 debut. Also so, for the second season, a Randy Newman tune changed Beal’s.

And Newman winner the Emmy the complying with year.

“I love Jeff Beal’s original theme song,” claims “Monk” co-creator and also executive producer Andy Breckman. “It right the ton of our present wonderfully. Yet then we had this dilemma. Randy Newman was a fan of the show and offered to compose a design template song. And also I flourished up admiring Randy Newman. That was one of my heroes; ns actually began my career as a singer-songwriter.

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“It to be an embarrassment that riches, and also at the end of the job it was impossible to say no.”

The producers divvied up their musical wealth by retaining Beal’s theme for the finish credits. And also at one point, the show’s writers decided to have actually some fun with the dilemma.

“When we first met sarah Silverman,” Breckman recalls, “her character was an obsessive pan of Adrian Monk, and also at the end of that episode, she begged Monk the if he ever before gets his very own TV show, ‘Whatever you do, don’t adjust the theme song.’ You need to love the inside jokes.”


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