One of the most famous songs that has appeared in tiktok videos has an initial creator who never quite obtained the credit due her.

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Published9 June 2021

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One the the most popular tracks provided in tiktok videos in 2021 has been a covering of “Sure Thing” by the musician Miguel. Tiktok users can know the song by the native “even once the sky comes falling.” the has likewise been described as “when the sunlight don’t shine,” the “why does the sunlight refuse to shine song,” “where the sunlight don’t shine,” and also “where the sunlight doesn’t shine.”

When a TikTok video clip is gift made, creators have the option of picking music native a big library the tracks. For example, the “Oh No” song was quite renowned in the past. Castle can additionally grab audio from other videos, i beg your pardon is what occurred here.

The Lyrics

The four lines that most commonly appeared in the tiktok videos the featured the cover to be these:

Even as soon as the sky comes fallingEven as soon as the sun don’t shineI got faith in you and also ISo put your pretty small hand in mine

Anyone looking at tik late right into the night can hear “even as soon as the sky comes falling” and “even when the sun don’t shine” over and also over in many videos.

It’s unclear specifically when the sheathe of the song very first became popular. However, a variety of comments declared that the track was “stolen” indigenous the original creator, that was supposedly never credited.

Popular Videos

Just together memes are created and also have a particular purpose, the very same is true of songs on TikTok.

The covering of “even once the skies comes falling” is frequently used in tiktok videos wherein there’s a sad or heartwarming situation. The world or pets portrayed in the clips are often deep in their own feelings around a particular subject.

Some the them additionally show moping, like as soon as rain damages a Florida expedition to Walt Disney World:


#disney #disneyrain #holywoodstudios #florida #DADMOVES #yay

♬ certain Thing (cover version) – Spinmovin

One that the most renowned videos was a heartwarming clip around fatherhood.

“When that 2035 and you didn’t obtain vaccinated,” said one more video, through a male loading a Nerf Fortnite dart blaster with zombies closing in.

Lil Nas X and also Jimmy Fallon created two videos through the “even when the skies comes falling” song:


♬ sure Thing (cover version) – Spinmovin

Another viral video showed a United says Postal company driver skipping a mrs while ~ above his having lunch break.

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The initial Singer

While the initial song was written and sung by the musician recognized as Miguel, the human singing in the tik cover has remained a mystery.