Left: Meher Baba in 1925. Right: Pete Townshend on phase circa 1971 at the Fillmore eastern Theater, brand-new York City. Sources: (Wikimedia Commons; Jeffrey Mayer WireImage)

It"s one of the riddles of standard rock: that is "Baba O"Riley" and also what is this "teenage wasteland" we store hearing about? because that Pete Townshend, songwriter of The Who, the oddly-titled tune is a meditation top top the controversial finishing of the "60s, and also a fragment the Lifehouse, an unfinished rock opera. 

For the artist who"d as soon as touted the potential and solidarity of "My Generation," it may be an admission that points hadn"t gone so well.

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This 1971 single by The Who has actually transcended its original stadium absent origins and also integrated itself into our lives. "Baba O’Riley" deserve to be heard on TV shows and commercials, and also whenever you think it’s gone it pops ago up. The song appears omnipresent, yet there are still civilization who think it’s called “Teenage Wasteland.” The song has a tricky history, and also its backstory is just as twisty together the song’s syncopated backing track. 

Don’t Cry, nothing Raise her Eye, It’s only Teenage Wasteland


The sheathe of "Who"s Next," the album that features "Baba O"Riley" as its opened track. Source: Pinterest

The phrase “teenage wasteland” has actually a few different meanings. The entirety of “Baba O’Riley” is a pivot native an previously work that Townsend’s called Lifehouse, a scientific research fiction absent opera the took ar in a dystopian future wherein rock "n role no much longer exists. The “teenage wasteland” that the song is relenten a team of people in Townsend’s story that are viewed as “scum.” He explained:

It"s mostly young people who space either farmer"s youngsters whose parents can"t afford to buy them endure suits; then there"s simply scum, choose these 2 geezers that ride about in a battered-up old Cadillac limousine and also they beat old Who documents on the ice cream deck... I speak to them track fans.

The Finished track Is A Rumination ~ above Post-Woodstock Life


The ‘60s was a decade of experimentation with sex and also drugs in an attempt to get a higher spiritual state. However by 1969 a collection of things had actually happened that verified that in order come attain an additional state the being civilization have come do an ext than cave out. The tide of totally free love crested at the woodstock festival in 1969.

Townsend’s lyrics suggest a finger in ~ their very own audience, and also the young civilization who hung the end in the muddy fields of upper brand-new York. The guitarist has actually said that with the lyrics, “Teenage Wasteland, correctly! We"re all wasted” he’s not celebrating the strung-out teenagers at the festival, he is chastising them. Townsend explained that the design template of the track is:

The pure desolation of adolescents at Woodstock, where audience members to be strung out on acid and also 20 world had brain damage. The irony was that some listeners took the song to be a teenage celebration.

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The Title, “Baba O’Riley,” Is A Shoutout to Townsend’s Gurus


Left: Pete Townshend and also Roger Daltrey of The Who. Best Meher Baba in 1957. Source: Publicity picture for "Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who" via IMDB; Wikimedia Commons

“Baba O’Riley” sounds favor a bunch that syllables the someone in The Who just slammed together and also wrote at the peak of a text page. However, the brick is in reality a nod to two males who were an extremely important to Pete Townsend: Meher Baba and Terry Riley.

Meher Baba to be an Indian guru who inspired his followers to eschew psychedelic drugs and also marijuana in addition to evangelizing because that him. He just wanted his pendant to live a spiritual life. Terry Riley is a composer whose speculative work is based on improvising in various keys and making ice cream loops the the pieces that the creates.

Townsend took piece of each man’s viewpoint in bespeak to develop the backing monitor of the song. Initially, Townsend want to operation the an essential signs and personality the Meher Baba through a synthesizer, and also have the device interpret the details into sound. That didn’t work-related out, for this reason instead, he supplied the marimba setup on a Lowrey Berkshire luxurious TBO-1 and also looped it transparent the track. 

The Song started As A part Of Townsend’s Lifehouse Project


Following the success the The Who"s absent opera Tommy, Townshend wanted to continue raising the comb of rock "n role with an additional concept album. “Baba O’Riley” to be included among the early tracks because that Lifehouse. The track was meant to it is in sung by a Scottish farmer as he gathers his household so they can go off in search of his teenage daughter.

The project was never ever finished, and also while Townsend was never ever able to flesh it out in the at an early stage ‘70s he’s talked about the plot at length. He defined the story as being about:

A self-sufficient drop-out family members group agriculture in a remote component of Scotland decide to return southern to inspection rumors the a subversive concert event that promises to shake and also wake up apathetic, fear British society. Beam is married to Sally, they expect to link up with their daughter mar who has run far from home to to visit the concert. They travel through the scarred wasteland of center England in a motor caravan, to run an waiting conditioner they expect will protect them indigenous pollution.

Townsend trust "Baba O’Riley" To be His Crowning Achievement


There’s naught wrong through enjoying your own work, especially if you’ve composed something that’s as magnificent as “Baba O’Riley.” Townsend has said that whenever he plays the song live he reflects on composing the song, and everything the taken him.

He called Rolling Stone:

There is this moment of stand there just listening to this music and looking out to the audience and also just thinking, "I f**king go that. I composed that." I simply hope the on mine deathbed ns don"t embarrass myself by asking someone, "Can you pass me mine guitar? and also will you run the backing ice of "Baba O"Riley?" I simply want to do it one much more time."
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