Who is the housebreaker in Westing Game?

Madame HooIn thing 26 that The Westing Game, ”Turtle’s Trial,” the heirs discover that madame Hoo is the burglar.

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Who space the bookie, the bomber, and the failure in the Westing Game?

Who space the bookie, the bomber, the burglar, and the wrong in The Westing Game? The bookie is Dr. Wexler, the bomber is madame Hoo, the burglar is Angela, and also the mistake is Sydelle Pulaski.

Who room the human being in the Westing Game?

The Westing game Who to be the world who lived in Sunset Towers? mothers, fathers and children. A dressmaker, a secretary, one inventor, a doctor, a judge. One was a bookie, one to be a burglar and one to be a bomber.

Who is the doorman in the Westing Game?

She is the only player who discovers the true identification of the doorman, Sandy McSouthers. The is, in fact, Sam Westing and also Barney Northrup and also Julian Eastman. The book ends v Turtle visiting the aging Sandy and also with details given about other players who room still in touch with one another.

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Who to be the winner that the Westing Game?

Turtle won “The Westing Game” and inherited the grand prize that $200,000,000. Tortoise is the winner the The Westing Game. She inherits the money $200,000,000.

Who is sandy mcsouthers in the Westing Game?

Alexander “Sandy” McSouthers is the 65 year old poorly education doorman the Sunset Towers. The publication does not mention where that lives, or that his family is. He functioned at the Westing file Mill because that 20 years, then to be fired by Sam Westing himself. Then he wound up gift the doorman. He provided his place in the Westing video game as “Doorman.”.

Who is mam Hoo in the Westing Game?

Madame sun Lin Hoo is the much-younger Chinese immigrant wife of James Shin Hoo. She barely speak English and also can typically be discovered working in she husband’s restaurant. That is rumored the Mr. Hoo married she for her 100-year-old sauce recipe. Back she is an heir, she doesn’t contribute to the game.

Who is Barney Northrup in the Westing Game?

Barney Northrup. Barney Northrup, the human being who is not real, is the real-estate agent because that the Sunset Towers and was notified by Sam Westing to offer the Sunset Tower apartments come the particular heirs that were an alleged play the Westing Game. Come get human being to remain in the apartments he sends out letter to 16 people.

Who is the killing in the Westing video game book?

TheReaper117 The murderer in Westing game has 4 personalities being Barney Northrup, Julian Eastman, Sandy McSouthers, and also Sam Westing. These space all the very same person. Sam Westing was the actual murder after pretending to it is in dead.


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