For you, it's nothing but the best! Meryl Streep will play friend in a movie about your life! You room smart, independent and also fearless. Friend are qualified of noþeles if you placed your mind right into it. You've had actually a an extremely successful career, you've built up a the majority of stories over the years, and you worthy someone truly talented and also classic to bring them to the big screen. Well, friend can't acquire someone much more talented than Meryl. Congrats!

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Jennifer Lawrence will play girlfriend in a movie about your life! You space so lucky!! You are a really sophisticated, funny, outgoing and sensitive person. You don't take it life as well seriously. You try to enjoy every day, find out something brand-new at every opportunity, and also never say no to the unknown. You deserve someone through charm, acting an abilities and sense of feeling to play you, and also J-Law is the perfect choice!

Kate Winslet will play friend in a movie around your life! Winslet will do justice with your witty sense of humor, your warmth nature, your courageous heart and your love for adventure. Winslet has actually dozens of successful movie roles under she belt, and large collections of awards. She is the perfect fit because that you. Smile, you're in great hands.

Julia Roberts will certainly play you in a movie around your life! How interesting is that?! America's sweetheart and also the woman through the perfect smile, will take top top her ideal acting project - play you! Roberts is a perfect fit to your funny, confident and also goofy but sexy nature. You room a very vivacious, creative, positive person, and also so is Julia! This is a match made in heaven!

Good news: Jennifer Aniston will certainly play friend in a movie about your life! You space a really happy, clever and emotional person. You follow her heart, follow after your dreams and shot to spend as lot time as you have the right to with the people close to you. Jennifer is the perfect actress come play a human such as yourself! She is funny, good in emotional scenes and she is extremely likable (just together you are!). We can't wait to clock the movie.

This simply in: Anna Kendrick will play girlfriend in a movie about your life! You are a very smart, intuitive, talented and also shameless person. Friend don't care what other people have to say about you. You space comfortable in your skin, you always do what understanding you and also you never hurt others on purpose. Anna is just like you! She is at sight cool, talented, smart, resourceful and also one of Hollywood's hottest brand-new stars. You room in great hands!

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Breaking News: Julianne Moore will play you in a movie variation of her life! Julianne is well-known to pat humble, likable and somewhat facility characters and also guess what - girlfriend fit ideal in.You space a an extremely likable person, but you space not quite favor everyone else. You are always looking for brand-new challenges, brand-new adventures and brand-new experiences, and that's what puts you aside from the remainder of us. Friend truly have actually a special and unique soul, and also Julianne will do it justice.

Tonight's key Headline: halle Berry will play you in a movie!You are a an extremely sexy, stylish, sophisticated and talented person. You like to dip her hands in a lot of of miscellaneous projects, you are interested in dozens that subjects, and your mental is always hungry to learn something new. Berry is well-known to take it on an overwhelming roles that depict impressive people, and you room the best pick for her following film.