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The golden oldie “I Only have Eyes for You” through The Flamingos is elegant and sophisticated. The Flamingos to be an R&B, doo wop group originally native Chicago that created in the at an early stage 1950’s by cousins Zeke and Jake Carey. They had a number of group names and group member alters over the years. They showed up in the Alan Freed’s movies Rock, Rock,Rock in 1956 and also Go, Johnny, go!his in 1959. They’re best known for their cover of the pop and also jazz typical “I Only have Eyes because that You.” The song had been written in 1934 by bother Warren and also lyricist Al Dubinfor the document Dames the introduced cock Powell and Ruby Keeler. The variation by The Flamingos saw #11 on the Billboard warm 100 and #3 top top the R&B chart in 1959. Record producer and also entrepreneur George Goldner wanted to record and also album v The Flamingos doing standards. Hence, the album Flamingo Serenade. Goldner had a an excellent echo chamber and also money to invest on instrumentation. The members ~ above the album to be Tommy Hunt, Nate Nelson, Zeke Carey, Jake Carey, terrycloth Johnson, and Paul Wilson. Lock were great performers and were additionally known for your choreography.

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The song appears in numerous films, including American Graffiti, The right Stuff, A Bronx Tale, and also Something’s Gotta Give. The has showed up on TV as well, in “The Wonder Years,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and “Glee.”

Here room the text to “I Only have Eyes for You” through The Flamingos:

“My love have to be a kind of blind loveI can’t see anyone but you

Are the stars the end tonight?I don’t understand if it’s cloudy or brightI only have actually eyes for you, dear

The moon may be highBut i can’t view a thing in the skyI only have actually eyes for you

I don’t know if we’re in a gardenOr on a overfilled avenue

You are here and so to be IMaybe millions of human being go byBut they every disappear native viewAnd ns only have eyes for you”

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