Performed and also covered by plenty of artists almost everywhere the world, “The difficult Dream (The Quest)” is most likely one of the many sought-after and sung songs from a Broadway musical. Indeed, the tune was a one-hit wonder and also became substantial after its relax in 1965 for the musical. Top top July 26, 1966, American actor and jazz-pop singer, Jack Jones exit his very own version that the song and charted it come no. 1 ~ above the Billboard straightforward Listening and no. 35 top top Billboard hot 100. In addition, his variation is stated to have set the bar high because that the song.

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Glen Campbell |Photo Credits:

Later in 1968, American country music singer-songwriter Glen Campbell likewise gave a rendition the his own. He exit it ~ above his eighth studio album, Hey tiny One. An original Broadway musical, the song was countrified and also transformed to among Campbell’s classic songs. It may not it is in as renowned as the various other versions, still, valley Campbell gave the finest country version of the song and definitely gave justice come the meaning of this exorbitant tune.

LISTEN: valley Campbell covers “The difficult Dream (The Quest)” from the 1965 Broadway musical male of La Mancha.

About the Song

The impossible Dream (The Quest)” is just one of the most notable song from a Broadway musical, which was created by Mitch Leigh, with its lyrics penned by Joe Darion. The is in reality the most popular song native the Man the La Mancha, a Broadway music in 1965. In addition, the tune was likewise featured in the movie of the same name in 1972 certification Peter O’Toole.

Don Quixote (Man of La Mancha) |Photo Credits:

In the man of La Mancha, “The difficult Dream (The Quest)” is first sung by Don Quixote together a an answer to Dulcinea’s question about what he means by “following the quest.” because that three an ext times, the song was repetitive in the show.

Most noteworthy, “The difficult Dream (The Quest)” earned the Contemporary classics Award indigenous the Songwriter’s room of Fame.

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Here is the initial version the the track as sung in the 1965 Broadway music “Man that La Mancha”:

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