Goldberg"s first WWE operation didn"t go together expected. Kurt Angle readily available his take it on why it to be a disappointment.

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Goldberg"s an initial stint through the WWE, i m sorry lasted native 2003 come 2004, is often regarded as a disappointment.

The expectations were incredibly high when the former WCW legend signed v WWE in 2003. He had a gigantic fanbase across the wrestles world, and also Goldberg was among the marquee main event stars during his time in WC, ~ all.

but questionable booking and a bitter leave from the firm led to an underwhelming tenure in the WWE. Goldberg wrestled his final complement at WrestleMania XX, wherein he defeated Brock Lesnar.

This enhance is especially memorable as result of the negative reaction from the pan at Madison Square Garden. Both superstar were about to leaving the company, and the group heckled Goldberg and Lesnar v chants that contained "You marketed out" and also "This match sucks." video clip OF THE DAY

So, what specifically went not correct in his an initial WWE stintt?

fellow WWE hall of Famer kurt Angle debated the topic v Conrad Thompson top top The kurt Angle Show (h/t chris Siggia the The Olympic yellow medalist believes the the can be fried mistake was WWE"s decision to have actually Goldberg wrestle much longer matches, which wasn"t specifically his specialty:

"Bill to be a complex individual. He was basic to occupational with. Nobody had problems working v him. What lock did through him in the early 2000s once he an initial came in WWE, they didn’t book him right. Goldberg made a lot of money because that WCW by definition dominant, a beast. He conquered the matches. They to be 2-3 minutes, tops. That elevated eyebrows. Increasing eyebrows provides money for the company.

WWE booked him once he come in the early 2000’s, he was doing 10, 12, 15 minute matches. It just wasn’t the invoice Goldberg that people remember native WCW. When he had the complement with Brock Lesnar that only lasted 15 seconds, that was the ideal call. It is the Goldberg that civilization want come see. That does advanced eyebrows and also raising eyebrows makes money because that the company.

bill Goldberg, I know why he to be bitter. I think the whole thing with Goldust and the whole situation where he to be a little worried, concerned around his character, i don’t think the was yes, really anything the hurt him. I think that what hurt him was having him wrestle longer."

Thankfully, Goldberg would gain the opportunity to redeem self in WWE 12 year after WrestleMania XX.


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Goldberg"s second tenure v the WWE began in 2016, and also it has been far much more successful 보다 the first. The earned a hall of call induction in 2019, and he"s won two Universal Championships while headlining several pay-per-views.

The 54-year-old is signed v WWE with 2023, and also his contract consists of two matches annually.

It"s all In The Past

WWE plainly learned native the failure of put Goldberg in longer matches throughout his an initial run through the company. The bulk of his bouts in the second stint have been his usual squash victories. Even the matches he"s lost (most recently to drew McInytre in ~ theRoyal Rumble) have only lasted a couple of minutes. Merely put, his very first tenure v the WWE is now a thing in the past, since the second one has been nothing quick of brilliant.