Why does Hale denounce the proceedings that the court what result was he expecting of his denunciation What was the actual effect?


By denouncing the court, that is publicly saying the he is against the happenings in the court, and also that he discredits castle completely. This is the reason why Hale’s denouncement means nothing: the court of Salem cannot admit its wrongdoing, therefore it proceeds to hang the accused.

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What is the affect of Hale quitting the court?

At the end of act 3, Reverend Hale quits the court in Salem the end of frustration due to the fact that he sees the irrationality and also hysteria have actually taken over the proceedings. However, in plot 4, we find out that he has returned to Salem to speak through the prisoners and also convince them come confess.

What event reasons Hale to denounce the court proceedings?

Expert answers Hale denounces the proceedings in ~ the end of plot II step 2, after Proctor brings mary Warren prior to the court and also tells of the fraudulant nature of the accusations. Proctor goes for this reason far regarding admit to his very own sin of fornication prior to Danforth, the judge.

Why will certainly Goody Osburn hang but not goody good?

Many people have to be accused of witchcraft, creating a court that 4 judges. Why walk the court decision to hang Goody Osburn however not sarah Good? due to the fact that Goody Osburn did no confess to witchcraft whereas Sarah an excellent did.


Why go Hale denounce the proceedings in plot 3?

However, in plot III, Hale denounces the court proceedings due to the fact that he ultimately sees the the girls are lying. That observes the girls in their witchcraft act, pretending to check out a bird the isn’t over there …

Why walk Hale leaving the court in’salem’?

However, Danforth’s unequivocal to trust in her words, as long as they support the other girls (who that believes are serving as God’s voice in Salem), is too much for Hale, and also he quits the court.

Why does judge Hale no sign death warrants?

In addition to the reasons outlined in previous answers, Hale is no longer comfortable signing death warrants for people convicted by this court. The says, in act Three, that he has signed part seventy-two warrants, and also he cannot sign an ext if he has any shred of doubt about the validity of these convictions.

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Why walk Hale proceed to play a part in the play?

In action 4 Hale continues to beat a part in the play as soon as he tries come convince details characters come confess come witchcraft ONLY because he go not want to watch them acquire hanged. Begin your 48-hour cost-free trial and also unlock all the summaries, Q&A, and also analyses you need to get far better grades now.