prior to you pull approximately the store to choose up your brand-new bed, that is necessary to make certain it’s going come fit in your vehicle. Even if it is or no it fits depends on a selection of factors, consisting of what type of automobile you have and also what kind of bed you space purchasing. We researched the ins and outs of this to acquire you the info that friend need.

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A constant king-sized bed will not fit into a cargo van or a minivan. A king dimension mattress is usually about 76 inches broad and 80 inches long, and around 9 to 12 inches thick. The cargo room of a cargo van or minivan is usually about 50 to 60 inches wide, i m sorry is not broad enough come accommodate a king-size bed.

But there room other methods you can transport a king-size bed through or without a van. It simply depends top top what is most basic for you through your situation. Keep analysis for every the details!


Does a King size Bed right in a Cargo valve or Minivan?

A king-size mattress is approximately 76” large x 80” long.

The size of the typical cargo valve are: 83″ x 52″ x 48″ wide, and a heavy-duty cargo valve is 126″ x 55″ x 65“. Neither of these is broad enough because that a king-size mattress.

Unfortunately, a continual passenger minivan fares no better: also with all of the seats stowed, they space not large enough.

How to move a King dimension Bed without a Van:

Get it Delivered

Most service providers that market furniture sell truck delivery to customer’s homes. Often delivery is totally free if girlfriend spend sufficient money.

Rent a Truck

You have the right to rent a truck large enough come fit the bed from companies such together U-Haul or Enterprise. Sometimes this is the ideal option due to the fact that you don’t need to pay someone to supply it, and you don’t have to wait for them to deliver it.

Rent a Trailer

If you have a car with a trailer hitch, it might be cheaper just to rent a trailer fairly than a truck. Simply make sure you securely strap the furniture down, so that does not autumn out while you’re driving.

Consider a Bed structure You can Assemble Yourself

Some bed frames you deserve to take apart and also put castle in the van. These space usually smaller metal bed frames. The pieces have the right to be take away apart and put in the van. Climate you can put them together as soon as you gain home. These space usually cheaper than continual beds, yet they room not as attractive and lower quality.

Can girlfriend Fit a Mattress in a Van?

Fitting a mattress into a van is much easier than trying come fit a bed. Usually, the bed is going to be larger than a mattress. Also, v mattresses, the is much easier to rotate it at an angle and shot to stuff it in the stems than through a bed. If you desire to move a mattress in a van, it relies on the type of van you have and the kind of mattress.

Cargo Vans


Although you cannot fit a king size bed right into the earlier of a cargo van, you deserve to fit a king-size mattress. In most cargo vans, you will probably have to put the mattress at an edge to do it fit. The material the mattress is made of can make this an ext difficult. Thinner, softer mattresses are much easier to bend and shove into the ago of the cargo van. A queen dimension mattress will certainly fit comfortably in a cargo van.

The cargo room of the cargo van counts on what sort of cargo van it is. It might have around 230 – 313 cubic feet of cargo space. It depends if that is a conventional wheelbase or extended wheelbase. Yes sir usually around 120 to 145 inch of space in the back.

The wheel housings could be in the way. If this happens, it could be less complicated to do a false floor. You can do this by putting some plywood in the back over the height of the wheel housings. You deserve to put ingredient under the plywood to store it level. This will offer you an ext width, but take away some space in height.



When it concerns minivans, you most most likely will not have the ability to fit a king-size mattress. Many minivans deserve to fit a queen size mattress if the ago seats are removed, but it depends on what sort of minivan. Various vans have different sized trim about the trunk. Even if the valve is wide enough, the mattress can not to the right in v the opening.

It is possible to tie a mattress to the optimal of the van. Make sure if you perform this, the is fastened securely to the vehicle, so it doesn’t fall off. Use strong ropes, bungee cords, or straps. Make sure you for sure them come a component of the valve that will not move during the drive. Drive closely if you have actually anything tied come the height of the vehicle.

Queen-sized Mattresses

A queen-sized mattress is 60 inches large and 80 inch long. Compact minivans have a cargo broad of 59 inches, an interpretation you might squeeze a queen-sized mattress in it. Other minivans usually have a cargo an are width of about 57 inches. You could probably fit a queen-sized mattress, yet all the seats need to be removed entirely, and it needs to be at an angle. If that is hanging out of the ago of the trunk, make sure you securely tie the trunk door indigenous flying open up using ropes, cords or straps.

Can One human Move a King size Mattress?

One person would have actually a complicated time relocating a king-sized mattress by themself. The mean weight the a king-sized mattress is in between 130 come 180 pounds. Over there is no comfortable means to acquire a an excellent grip top top a mattress. They room massive and also awkward come carry. If who were strong enough to carry out it alone, castle would more than likely be dragging the on the ground. It would certainly be better to obtain some help.

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Even though many king-sized beds cannot fit in vans, there are various other options. Mattresses are feasible to transfer in a van, yet make certain you recognize how large your vehicle’s cargo space is, and also how large the mattress is. Whichever means is ideal for you, make certain to execute it safely.