While investigating the murders of number of young males Geralt adheres to the trail come a succubus. Using Dandelion together a entice he lastly finds her lair. The succubus despite denies any involvement in the murders, she insurance claims her ex-lover Ele"yas eliminated them out of jealousy.

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I faced Ele"yas, however he too denied gift the murderer. That is currently word against word, and I don"t understand who come believe. Is there any means to gather more evidence to discover out that truly murdered the young men?


If girlfriend buy the surgical tools from the plant merchant just external Vergen"s within gate and also take them through you as soon as you examine the body in the crypts, you"ll have the ability to extract a steel fragment native the corpse"s arm.

It shows up to be part of a sword, and also Succubi don"t kill people with swords. Yet without noþeles to to compare to, Geralt doesn"t have anyone to ar the blame on. Take it the metal shard to Iorveth, and show it to him when you accuse Ele"yas the murdering the young men. Iorveth will compare the steel shard Geralt uncovered to one of Ele"yas" blades and find it a perfect match.

There"s your evidence. Now go ago and rescue Dandelion!


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