Learning how to usage plural possessive noun is critical aspect that mastering English stclairdrake.net. This type of noun represents an ext than one noun (person, place, thing, concept, or idea) and also expresses ownership. Uncover how to do a noun both plural and possessive, and also the rules that use to the usage of many possessive nouns.

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plural Possessive Noun instances

Noun Review

before you can completely understand what a plural possessive noun is, you"ll need a refresher on what a noun is, what a many noun is and what a possessive noun is.

Nouns: topic vs. Object

A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. In English, nouns space most frequently used as the subject of a sentence (which go the action) and/or the object (which receive the action).

Example sentence - The cat chased the dog around the home last night.

The noun "cat" is the topic (the point doing the chasing) and the noun "dog" is the thing (the thing being chased).

Singular vs. Many Nouns

Nouns room either singular or plural, relying on whether there is one or numerous of the thing(s) in question. Cat is a singular noun. Cats is a plural noun.

Most singular nouns have the right to be made into plural noun by including -s or -es come the finish of the word. However, some terms space irregular many nouns, which way that castle don"t follow that general dominion (such as children being the plural of child).

Use this plural nouns worksheet for practice developing plurals.

Possessive Nouns

Nouns sometimes need to be composed in a way that reflects ownership, which needs knowing how to usage the own case. This frequently requires including an apostrophe adhered to by one "s" come the finish of a word.

There are countless examples of own nouns, including singular and also plural versions. Many possessives room more complicated than singular possessives because most many nouns already have an "s" at the end.

What Is a plural Possessive Noun?

After that fast review, it"s time to emphasis specifically on plural possessive nouns. A plural possessive noun is precisely what it sounds like: a many noun v a possessive finishing to show ownership.

Example sentence - We obtained our cats" bed from the store.

Here, the noun "cats"" is no the subject (which is "we") nor the thing (which is "beds"). Instead, "cats"" is a many possessive noun, showing that the object of the sentence belongs come one specific group. The beds belong to the cats. There is much more than one cat and there are multiple beds. That"s the fundamental idea.

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How to build a many Possessive Noun

There room certain simple rules for constructing possessive nouns. These rules are reasonably consistent, though there are always a couple of (or more) exception to the rules in English stclairdrake.net.

Plurals That end in S

Most English plurals finish in "s." If that"s the case, to make the plural noun possessive, simply add an apostrophe ~ the "s." Going back to the cats" beds, the singular noun is cat and its plural type is cats. The many possessive form is cats". Consider a few more examples.

dogs" treats - treats belonging come dogsstores" management - administration of lot of storesexecutives" decision - a decision made by many executives, such as the executive, management team

Irregular many Not finishing in S

Words v irregular plurals that don"t end in "s" space made possessive as if they to be singular; that is, by adding an apostrophe complied with by one "s."

Example sentence - There was a line to the men"s room in ~ the children"s choral concert.

Both men and children space plural nouns. Due to the fact that they don"t end in "s," their plural develops are men"s and children"s. Other instances include:

sheep"s wool - wool on multiple sheep (sheep can be singular or plural)people"s will - will certainly of the civilization (people is the plural of person)fungi"s origin - origin of mushroom (fungi is the plural of fungus)

Hyphenated and also Compound Nouns

To make a hyphenated or compound noun plural, you"ll need to make a few changes. Generally, including an -s or -es come the an initial word in the phrase will do it plural. To do it possessive, you"ll need to add an apostrophe followed by one "s" come the last word, or simply an apostrophe if the last word currently ends in "s." because that example, if you have had more than one father-in-law and they"ve all had negative attitudes, you could say "my fathers-in-law"s attitudes."

governors-general"s policies - plans of many governors-generalpassers-by"s voices - voices the multiple human being who are passing through editors-in-chief"s legacies - legacies of many editors-in-chief

Two or more Nouns Together

When referencing 2 or an ext nouns that room acting together, climate the many possessive kind requires adding an apostrophe complied with by one "s" to just the critical noun. Because that example, Mary and also Kelley space college roommates who share a dorm room. You"d to speak Mary and Kelley"s room to describe their location of residence. They"re acting together because the room belongs come both that them.

Jack and also Jill"s hill - a hill that belongs to Jack and also JillGeorge, Jerry and also Elaine"s relationship - the relationship amongst George, Jerry and also ElaineMom and Dad"s house - home belonging to Mom and Dad

Multiple nouns With different Ownership

When you have actually two or an ext nouns together, yet they have different ownership, each noun will require an apostrophe and "s" included to the end and the objects will have to be plural. If Rachael and also Nathan jointly very own two houses, you"d speak Rachael and also Nathan"s houses. But, if Rachael owns her house and Nathan owns his, you"d to speak Rachael"s and also Nathan"s houses.

Jan"s and also Tony"s cars - Jan and also Tony very own two different carsGeorge"s and also Harriet"s grades - George and also Harriet receive separate gradesMatilda"s, Yvette"s, and also Marianne"s ambitions - Matilda, Yvette, and Marianne each have various ambitions

Proper noun That finish in S

When a appropriate noun currently ends in an "s," you have actually a choice. You have the right to make the possessive merely by adding an apostrophe after the critical letter. Or, you can include an apostrophe adhered to by an "s." as soon as you clues multiple nouns, such together Jessica and Chris, girlfriend are currently referring to an ext than one person. To specify the something belongs to both the them, such together their wedding, you can either write Jessica and Chris"s wedding. Alternately, you might use "Jessica and also Chris" wedding."

the Wells and Stephens" vacation - a joint holidays of the Wells and also Stephens familiesSally and Lucas"s engagement - the engagement the Sally and LucasCarlos" and Nicholas" term files - one term document that belongs come Carlos and also one the belongs to Nicholas

Types of Nouns

There are number of different species of nouns, though they all repeatedly follow the many possessive rules described above. There are different ways come categorize them, and many nouns will certainly fit right into several categories. Because that example, the noun "dog" fits into the common, countable and also concrete noun categories.

Practice Exercises: try Your Skills

Now that you"ve reviewed the rules because that plural own nouns, put your an abilities to the test v the practice questions below. ~ above a piece of paper, compose the correct plural possessive of every item listed. Do your best to price on your own prior to scrolling past the items, then move on to inspect your work versus the answers provided.

a party because that the teachersthe feather of the birds the jobs of student the barks the dogsthe dressing room because that womenthe uniforms of registered nurses the cage of more than one mouse zoos of Tenneseea cat jointly own by Megan and also Evana auto that mom and dad own together

Practice exercise Answers

Don"t peek ahead if friend haven"t already written down your answers come the practice exercises above. Instead, stop and also go back to check out if girlfriend can obtain the answers on your own. The only way you"ll recognize if you"ve really mastered how to type plural possessive noun is if you take the moment to test her skills. Once you have completed the exercise exercises, check your work versus the answers below.

the party because that the teacher - a teachers" partythe feather of the birds - the birds" feather the jobs of students - the students" jobsthe barks of dogs - the dogs" barksthe dressing room for females - the women"s dressing room the uniforms of registered nurses - the nurses" uniforms the cage of an ext than one computer mouse - the mice"s cage zoos that Tennessee - Tennessee"s zoos a cat jointly owned by Megan and also Evan - Megan and also Evan"s cata automobile that mom and dad own together - mom and dad"s car

Nouns come Remember

The two an essential points to remember about plural own nouns room that they represent much more than one of something, and they display ownership. Follow the rules detailed above and you"ll have mastered the art of creating plural possessive noun in no time. For much more on oddities amongst nouns, take it a look in ~ irregular many nouns. Check out if you can apply what you learned around possessive noun to this group.