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Uncle Kracker - laugh stclairdrake.netSpin favor a document Crazy top top a Sunday night You do me dance like a fool Forget exactly how to breathe Shine choose gold Buzz choose a bee simply the believed of you can drive me wild Oh, you do me smile Don"t know how I live without you "Cause every time that i get roughly you I check out the finest of me inside your eyes You make me smile You do me dance choose a ...
Phillip Phillips - A stupid Dance stclairdrake.netPhillip Phillips "A fools Dance". Raindrop access time the edge of the time it comes more. Native the porch come the ceiling renders its means down come the floor. Yet I won"t issue you won"t watch I"m best by you, and you by me. As we wake up up tonight together the thunder roars. The staircase deserve to never teach me more.
Commander Cody and His shed Planet Airmen - payment In ...Like a fool, I believed I still had actually a chance once a good-lookin" mama from the south of Siam Said, "Honey, carry out you wanna dance?" i said, "Yeah" (I said, "Yeah") You acquire the bill in the mornin" marked "paid in advance" payment in full by a girlfriend (Doo-doo-doo-doo) You might be good-lookin" and also you don"t need romance yet everyone requirements a friend (Doo-doo ...
KEIRA KNIGHTLEY - like A stupid stclairdrake.netKeira Knightley - like a silly We take a chance from time come time and put our necks out on the line and also you have broken every promise that we made and I have actually loved friend any
Destiny"s kid - The Proud family members Theme song ...Proud, proud family. You and also me will constantly be tight. Family every single day and also night. Also when you begin acting like a fool. You know I"m loving every single thing you do. I recognize that ns can constantly be myself. Roughly you more than anyone else. Daily as I"m heading off to school. You understand there"s no one i love as much as you.
PHILLIP PHILLIPS - A FOOL’S dance stclairdrake.netPhillip Phillips - A Fool’s dance A raindrop hits the leaf of the city as there comes more From the porch to the ceiling, renders its means down to the floor yet I won"t problem yo. ... Just a darkness in my life or choose a whole in the floor Won"t you take it all away and also I"ll take mine come the lord
Karsu - like a silly stclairdrake.netThe text for prefer a stupid by Karsu have been analyzed into 2 language ... Friend something brand-new Don"t avoid to organize your breath and baby now feel the groove Wait a minute baby now and baby simply dance my way See mine dress and also shoes and baby move my means Now and then you start to speak Not very loud just conveniently I"m in love v a silly I"m in love ...
George Michael - Careless whisper stclairdrake.netI know you"re not a fool. Ns should"ve known far better than to cheat a friend. And also waste the chance that I"d been given. For this reason I"m never ever gonna dance again. The method I danced through you. Time have the right to never mend. The careless whispers of a great friend. Come the heart and mind.
NYLON beat - favor A fool stclairdrake.netlike a silly I"m into you. The day us met I shed my sanity. Funny how I feel for you. Choose a fool I"m right into you. Friend washed far my insecurity. Below we lie love to heart. A perfect night for maintaining you for this reason near. And also we"ll let every the world drift much apart. As I hear you whisper to my ear.
Crazy p - like a silly for prefer a stupid by crazy P. Aw Uh, can feel it Aw Oh can feel it Oh deserve to feel it Oh offered you all of my love yet yo... Text for like a silly by crazy P. Aw Uh, deserve to feel it Aw Oh deserve to feel it Oh have the right to feel the Oh provided you every one of my love however yo... Type song title, artist or text ... Walk Dance speak Sing
Meghan Trainor - Dance like Yo daddy a to dance fool) I want you dance prefer yo dad (come on) Dance favor yo daddy (come on) Come on and also move favor yo mama, you know you wanna go dance prefer yo daddy (dance like yo daddy) and if you care what castle think then you can"t have actually fun so come on Let"s go press down the flow and shoulder roll, and shoulder roll
Joe McElderry - laugh stclairdrake.netSpin favor a document Crazy top top a sunday night You do me dance choose a fool Forget how to breathe Shine prefer gold Buzz favor a bee just the assumed of you deserve to drive me wild Oh, you make me laugh Don"t know how I live without friend Cuz everytime that ns get around you I see the finest of me inside your eyes You make me smile You do me dance favor a ...
Butthole Surfers - Dancing stupid stclairdrake.netDance favor cancer! fuck you! I"m a dancin" fool! as with cancer i am the dancing fool Dance with me i am the disco king Right before I know she"ll be back for an ext Submit Corrections. Writer(s): Coffey Jeffrey Scott, Haynes Gibson Jerome, Walthall Paul Leary, Pinkus Jeffrey D.
Lemon Demon - Dance favor An idiot stclairdrake.netTo dance like a nitwit, to dance prefer a fool however now that"s simply a guideline, not a rule I"ve to be making my means through the danceclub scene been trying it out, it"s my brand brand-new routine and also it"s capturing on big, it"s so warm it"s poisonous So acquire off the wall, stand proud and tall
Billy Lockett - Balance stclairdrake.netDance like a fool, dance, dance about Take mine hand, spin me around and dance prefer a fool, dance, dance about So, rod by me and also I"ll tell girlfriend There"s light at the end Stick by me and I"ll display you the all you need is a girlfriend So, don"t offset the window And smirk v your eyes
ELVIS PRESLEY - LOVE ME stclairdrake.netDance. Latin. Every Genres » ... Law me, act me choose a silly Treat me mean and cruel five yeah, but love me rest my faithful love Tear it all apart Yeah, yet love me If you ever before go Darling, I"ll it is in oh, oh so lonely I"ll be sad and blue Crying over you, dear only I would certainly beg and also steal
SPONGEBOB - THE FOOL who RIPPED HIS trousers stclairdrake.netThe Fool who Ripped His trousers When huge Larry came "round just to placed him down, Spongebob turned right into a clown and also no girl ever before wants to dance v a fool who went and also ripped his pants I recognize i shouldn"t mope and also i shouldn"t curse however the pain feels so lot worse Cuz endin" up through no oone is alot much less fun 보다 a burn indigenous the sun Or sand in her bun
Tally hall - leader Of everything stclairdrake.netYou resemble a silly Although you"re just a guy So give it up and also Smile You know Mechanical hands room the leader of every little thing (ah) ruler of every little thing (ah) I"m the ruler of everything In the finish Without looking down Gliding about Like a bumbling dragon ns fly Scraping my challenge on the skies Oh no, no oh yeah
UNCLE KRACKER - laugh stclairdrake.netSpin prefer a record, stunner on a Sunday night You do me dance favor a fool, forget just how to breathe Shine choose gold, buzz prefer a bee simply the assumed of you have the right to drive me wild Oh, you do me smile Don"t know just how I live without you "Cause every time that i get about you I view the ideal of me inside your eyes You make me laugh You do me dance ...
WANG CHUNG - A FOOL and HIS MONEY stclairdrake.netJust choose a fool and also his money. As with a fool, ns let it on slide away. Similar to a fool and also his money. Every the love has gone. As the rain pours down in a starless night. And also my love longs just for you. A fool to cry. As with a fool and also his money. Just like a fool, ns let it on slide away.
Digital secret - The Humpty dance stclairdrake.netYo ladies, oh just how I like to hump thee. And also all the rappers in the peak ten-please permit me to bang thee. I"m steppin" tall, y"all, and also just like Humpty Dumpty you"re gonna loss when the stereos pump me. I prefer to rhyme, I choose my to win funky, I"m spunky. I choose my oatmeal lumpy. I"m sick wit dis, right gangsta mack however sometimes I gain ridiculous
EARL thomas CONLEY - NOBODY falls LIKE A silly stclairdrake.netBut this time I"m hopin" for more you"re makin" that easy. Nobody drops like a fool, nobody loves prefer a believer. After so numerous dreams have fallen through it"s time the one came true. Nobody falls like a fool, no one loves choose a believer. And I"m fallin" "cause I think in you. I understand you"re afraid of the words that we have actually spoken.
Brooklyn and also Bailey - Dance favor Me stclairdrake.netDance, dance choose me! Don"t gotta act too cool Everybody act a fool relocate like you stole the Finesse and own it Scared the you don"t recognize moves? Ima present you what to carry out Wangtang and also snap that 180 bounce earlier Let the rhythm steal away your body This is just how we party Ohh, ohh, five We ain"t playin" fall the bass, plié it Come and get her rowdy on!
UNCLE KRACKER - smile (COUNTRY VERSION) stclairdrake.netYou do me smile choose the sun. Fall out the bed, sing like a bird. Dizzy in mine head, spin like a record. Stunner on a Sunday night. You do me dance prefer a fool. Forget how to breathe. Shine like gold, buzz like a bee. Just the believed of you deserve to drive me wild. Oh, you do me smile.
TWICE - "The Feels" 가사Sway in the moonlight, dance in the dark, i I know that I captured your eye are we ~ above the exact same vibe? ns Wonder what"s on your mind "Cause you obtained me great and i wanna it is in ya boo If it"s dumb, well, ns wanna it is in a fool under the neon lights, bebe power tonight, bebe i know, love, that is such a funny point A an enig allure Gotta obtain to know ...
The Troggs - crazy Annie stclairdrake.netLike a fool also blind to view What you want, I had it for cost-free before the loss Hot legs, last possibility Crazy Annie and also her evil one dance Young man, continue to be cool tonight relocate close, relocate in She"ll take you locations where you"ve never been Young man, continue to be lucky this evening She obtained you Annie (She acquired she gained she got) She acquired you Annie (She obtained she acquired she got)
MATT COSTA - ACTING favor A silly stclairdrake.netWhen ns actin like, actin favor a silly I recognize I might, have said some points to girlfriend You understand I try, however still ns play the fool once Im actin like, actin prefer a stupid I"m heading because that a plane. Ns guess this is the finish well. When flying high so, high you understand I will come under still, will come down, you understand I will come down.
Frank Zappa - Dancin" fool stclairdrake.netDancin" stupid I"m a Dancin" fool The disco folks every dressed up like they"s right to death I go on in "n watch "em there Gonna provide them all a thrill as soon as they view me comin" they all procedures aside They has a fit while i commit mine social suicide I"m a Dancin" fool I"m a Dancin" fool I"m a Dancin" fool I"m a Dancin" silly The beat goes on and also I"m for this reason ...
Offset & subway Boomin - Ric Flair Drip stclairdrake.netMulti-million dollar, I"m a fool through the access time (ay) Hop up in the Lamb and drop the roof, show the tits (skrt) Poppin" however you really no gon" shoot (pop) Ninety pointers down my diamonds look favor hula hoops (ninety) to dance in my Bentayga and also her seat is a masseuse (hey) Balenciaga, examine my posture, Valentino boots (oo-oo)
Uncle Kracker - laugh stclairdrake.netYou do me smile like the sun. Loss out that bed, sing favor a bird. Bright in my head, spin choose a record. Stunner on a Sunday night. You make me dance favor a fool. Forget just how to breathe. Shine like gold, buzz like a bee. Simply the thought of you have the right to drive me wild. Oh, you make me smile.

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Jennifer Lopez - ~ above The Floor stclairdrake.netI"m favor Inception, i play v your mind ... Run the night far Live her life and also stay young on the floor run the night far Grab somebody, drink a little an ext ... I gain on the floor and also act a stupid if girlfriend let me Dale Don"t think me just bet me My name ain"t Keith however I check out why you sweat me
Luke Bryan - Play that Again stclairdrake.netI to be scannin" favor a silly AM, FM, XM, too yet I stopped real quick when i heard that groove Man, girlfriend should have seen she light up She was like, "Oh, mine God, this is my song. We"ve to be listenin" come the radio all night long. Ns can"t think that it came back on, yet here the is." She to be like, "Come here boy, ns wanna dance."
Brooklyn and Bailey - Dance like Me stclairdrake.netThe for Dance prefer Me by Brooklyn and Bailey have actually been analyzed into 7 languages. Everybody feel that, sirloin Nobody obtain too, hush move like you stole it, Finesse, and also own it. Burn v the win this high Girls put the boys in shock Wu tang and also snap that 180 bounce-back permit the rhythm, steal away your body This is just how we party Oh-oh, oh ...
Jon Wolfe - ns Don"t run stclairdrake.netSo ns don"t dance and I might look like a stupid Sittin" every night top top this stool yet it"s all that I deserve to do i don"t dance, "cause once we gain on the floor Every song"ll carry us closer 보다 the one before and also you know that"ll cause a couple of drinks prior to you know it we"ll be earlier at your place and also You could ask me to stay the night
GoldLink - Evian stclairdrake.netShe run so well, she earn the strip Don"t conversation in her ear, she won"t reply, she"s rolling she eyes You"re not the guy, you"re not the guy, you"re— Feel choose you"re making a silly of me, I"ll tho act accordingly Time"s still my enemy, when we"re close, it"s time to leaving You"re no the loving kind, no doubt "bout the in mine mind

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