Yu-Gi-Oh! 10 alters Made come Téa In The Anime indigenous The Manga Yu-Gi-Oh! makes a couple of changes to its actors to make sure it"s more kid-friendly, consisting of to among Yugi"s best friends & potential love interest, Téa.

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It"s not uncommon for anime characters to have slight changes between their manga and anime counterparts, due to the fact that many facets that don"t work-related in one anime setup are just fine top top the pages of a manga. This deserve to be as an easy as the assignment or together of a name or as huge as their exemption from the whole series, an especially when it pertains to anime dubbed by 4Kids.

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As one of those shows, Yu-Gi-Oh! provides a couple of changes to its cast to make sure it"s more kid-friendly, consisting of to among Yugi"s finest friends and also potential love interest, Téa Gardner.

tea gardner native yu-gi-oh
like the bulk of other personalities in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Téa"s surname was changed from Anzu Mazaki because that the English dub the the anime and the English manga. As the English dub was overseen by 4Kids, which had a habit that westernizing many facets of the anime they to be responsible for localizing, this isn"t surprising due to the fact that they had unfounded fears that the target audience wouldn"t recognize eastern name or words.

Tea dueling versus Crump in Yugioh
Unlike she anime counterpart, the Téa that the manga only ever plays Duel Monsters once in the opened scene the Yu-Gi-Oh!"s against Joey. As with in the anime, she win Joey really easily, though she doesn"t walk on to play the game any type of further ~ this. In this regard, she is more of a assistance character come Joey and Yugi together Tristan, who also doesn"t pat Duel monster in the manga, uneven his anime counterpart.

Yugi and also Tea
many times transparent the series, Téa is the target of undesirable male attention, either from creeps or the villains do the efforts to usage her to obtain to Yugi. One substantial difference come this is exactly how she responds to Joey once he acts inappropriately in the direction of her.

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After lifting her skirt v a t-square in class, Téa doesn"t miss out on a win in letting him know just how she feels around it. While Téa usually fights back when she is may be to, she doesn"t show any kind of kind that fight prefer this in the anime.

7 Burgerpalooza

Burger people from Yugioh
A adjust from the manga to the anime is the surname of Téa"s previous place that employment, i beg your pardon was shown in a recall in episode 22. In the manga and Japanese version, the restaurant is called Burger World, despite she doesn"t work-related there for really long together she is fired for defending it s her from a client who attacked her, despite her discontinuation is likewise due to her being underage and not being ethical with the manager.

Téa apparently draws every the wrong fist from men around her, or the men roughly her space all simply disastrous people. The inciting event at citizens World/Burgerpalooza was when a customer mugged she while she was working, despite in the manga it to be decidedly more creepy, together the guy was trying to videotape she in compromising positions instead.

5 The Time Marik do the efforts To poison Her

once Marik took over Joey"s mind in yet one more attempt to success the Millenium Puzzle without actually doing the work-related himself, that also took over Téa"s mind to make sure no one make the efforts to protect against the duel native happening, including Téa herself. In the manga, that takes points one step further and not only threatens Yugi and Joey v drowning need to either that them lose the duel, but also forces Téa to put a cyanide pill between her teeth, threatening to death her on the spot if Yugi doesn"t comply.

After most likely Kaiba"s lowest minute in Duelist Kingdom, threatening to death himself if Yugi didn"t throw the match, Yugi dropped into a state of depression in ~ believing the couldn"t save his grandfather anymore. In the manga, the is offered some advice and also a stern talking-to native his friends prior to takings Mai"s preventive chips, however the anime handled it a tiny differently.

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In one of many times that Téa dueled that wasn"t in the manga, she fights for Yugi"s honor and also to prove come Mai the she wasn"t just one the Yugi"s cheerleaders. While the duel itself wasn"t all the great, it to be a nice adjust to see Téa actually taking part in the game.

3 Yugi & Joey"s Duel

In Marik"s forced duel between Yugi and Joey in the anime, Téa stays strapped come a chair as collateral so the no one interferes, v her not being under Marik"s control and complimentary to talk to her friends. In the manga, she was simply one of Marik"s puppets and also didn"t need the overly elaborate set up that would have actually crushed she under a shipping container if anyone make the efforts to prevent the duel.

In the manga, before any kind of of the events of Duelist Kingdom began, Téa had actually conflicting feelings for Yugi, attracted to his "dark side" together Yami but not the chaste Yugi who spent the most time through her. In the anime, this is rather touched on, with her walk on a day with Yami and also becoming an ext attached to him end time, however the dispute in her emotions on i beg your pardon Yugi she"s in love through isn"t as focused as it is in the manga.

1 The Dark next Of Dimensions

v the relax of The Dark side of Dimensions anime film, Yu-Gi-Oh! was provided a 2nd wind and another finishing following on from the Ceremonial battle between Yugi and Yami. The manga ends in lot the very same was the anime did, through Atem returning to the afterlife with no mention of the children"s future, while The Dark next of Dimensions ends with the group graduating native high school. Téa leaves to examine abroad and also Kaiba uses every his resources to travel to the immortality and an obstacle Atem to a duel.

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